Farm Tour & Sweet Pea Picking

Sunday July 11, 2021 

The farm is really starting to come into its own despite the drought and heat. If you'd like to come see how production is taking place at Lillklobb this year, why not stop by for a tour?

This Sunday the 11th I'll be hosting a one hour to hour and a half farm walk through. We'll look at how the market gardens are changing through the years, cropping in the hedges, and other changes. If you are lucky you might even convince me to dig up some soil for you too!

The tour will start at 9:30 and end before 11. After that you can pick peas (8€/kg) straight off the vines.

With the increased emphasis on soil health, polycultures, and the holy grail of absolutely minimal off-site inputs there's lots to take in.

If you are coming, please RSVP by email, through Instagram, or on Facebook. One change from previous years is that the tours are no longer free of charge. This weekend the fee will be 10€ inc 24% VAT. Payment by cash or bank transfer only.

Although outdoor gatherings can be up to 50 people, and I doubt we'd have that many, I'm limiting the number of participants in the tour to 10 adults. I don't recommend very young children attend due to the style, content, and duration.